Stuff in this list in NOT related to places I wokred in.

  • Baje

    A subscription and time management saas for gyms and beauty saloons!

    Closed 2021
  • Nexabit

    Telegram based platform for selling VIP crypto trading signals

    Closed 2020
  • Sholcoin

    A meme crypto currency built in a internal hackathon

    Closed 2020
  • Meme Guy Telegram Bot

    Telegram bot for creating and sending memes in any conversation (inline bot)

    Running 2020
  • Urban Dictionary Telegram Bot

    Telegram bot for searching Urban Dictionary in any conversation (inline bot)

    Running 2020
  • Bezan Berim

    A social media for planning hang-outs!

    Closed 2018
  • Pink Fish

    A hackathon project for helping women ti self examining breast cancer with gamification

    Stopped 2018
  • Doctor Question Telegram Bot

    Telegram bot for asking classified homework questions to real mentors

    Closed 2018
  • ProPicBot Telegram Bot

    Telegram bot for downloader Instagram profile pictures!

    Closed 2017
  • KeeprBot Telegram Bot

    Telegram bot for storing notes and media in telegram, released before saved messaged feature in telegram

    Closed 2017
  • Make A Wish

    Telegram channel that posts automated messages on paired date like 11:11

    Closed 2017
  • Boardino (also Helli-Board)

    School mobile app for news and scores!

    Running 2014
  • School Countdown

    Simple Android app for countdown to end for summer and start school in seconds

    Stopped 2014
  • Earth Quake Detector

    Simple motion detector that start alerts on earth quakes

    Stopped 2011
  • OKR Board

    An interactive tool for engaging compony about all teams OKRs.

    Closed 202‍1